Month: October 2019

Dentists: Stop Making These 3 Mistakes

Listen in as Justin and Steve discuss some common mistakes dentists make that really hold them back. Adopt habits and practices that will bring you success instead of delay it.

How Bad Do YOU Want the Success YOU Say YOU Want?

In this epsiode Justin asks the question: Do you REALLY want the success you say you want? Then moves on to discuss the motivations and mindsets that can help propel you to the top!

Increasing Same Day Treatment

In this episode, Derek and Steve breakdown the why and how to increase your production by doing more same day treatment.

Rocking it with Dental PPOs

Dental insurance headaches and declining fee schedules are a reality for most dentists. Learn to survive and thrive, even in an insurance environment!

Dental Myth-Busting

Common Dental Myths: Gross Production. Raising Fees. Social Media. Taking Time Off. Negotiating PPOS. The Dental Dream is Alive and Well!