Month: September 2021

105. Stop Worrying About What Others Think!

Do you seek to please others rather than run your business and live your life?  Steve shares personal experiences and talks about how dentists can stop worrying about other people’s judgements.

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104. The Magical Dental Whiteboard And It‘s Power to Transform Your Future

In this episode Justin discusses the ‘Magical Dental Whiteboard’ and how it WILL practically help you to hit your goals every month. In addition he discusses the true stories of seeing a client grow their practice by almost 100% in 3 months without any crazy changes AND the time he won a push up contest.

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103. How Dr. Baker TRIPLED his take home in ONE YEAR!

Daniel Baker hired Derek during his first year of ownership and absolutely crushed things… the ‘TLP way’. Derek and Daniel discuss the challenges and successes, and how to navigate them. You won’t wan to miss this one.

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