Bracing for Impact: Coronavirus

Derek and Justin talk about how to weather the storm of practice shutdowns and what you can do to prepare to come out strong on the other end.


Justin and Steve discuss some important moves you can make to take your practice from the JV to Varsity level.


Steve and Derek share another book, How to Win Friends and Influence people, and teach how to communicate with and treat people around us at work and in life.

Can’t Hurt Me

Derek and Justin discuss one of their favorite books, Can’t Hurt Me, by former Navy Seal David Goggins, and talk about applications to life and practice ownership.

Real Estate Investing – Part 4

Derek, Justin, and Steve talk about different kind of properties to look for, how to invest in real estate outside your local area, and closing thoughts on our RE series.

Real Estate Investing – Part 3

Back for part 3, we talk about the nuts and bolts to start investing in real estate; including how to learn your market, find a deal, and move towards owning a property.

Real Estate Investing – Part 2

Derek, Steve, and Justin are back talking about how they built their portfolios, equity accrual vs growth, and how to think about and measure financial independence.

Real Estate Investing – Part 1

Derek, Steve, and Justin speak together about why real estate and how to establish revenue streams outside the dental office.

Culture and Leadership

Create a culture in your office that inspires team performance and prevents staff turnover.

Front-Loading Your Career and Life

Derek and Justin teach you to put in the work now to reap rewards later.  Don’t wait to make your move, maximize your life and act now.