Real Estate Investing – Part 3

Back for part 3, we talk about the nuts and bolts to start investing in real estate; including how to learn your market, find a deal, and move towards owning a property.

Real Estate Investing – Part 2

Derek, Steve, and Justin are back talking about how they built their portfolios, equity accrual vs growth, and how to think about and measure financial independence.

Real Estate Investing – Part 1

Derek, Steve, and Justin speak together about why real estate and how to establish revenue streams outside the dental office.

Culture and Leadership

Create a culture in your office that inspires team performance and prevents staff turnover.

Front-Loading Your Career and Life

Derek and Justin teach you to put in the work now to reap rewards later.  Don’t wait to make your move, maximize your life and act now.

Becoming Indispensable in Your Associateship and in Life

Justin and Steve talk about how to become indispensable in you associate and how it opens doors to opportunity and greater success in work and life.

Associate to Owner

Steve talks to pre-owners about the potential available to the bold who own their own practice.

Hiring: Building the RIGHT Team For Your Dental Practice

Your team is either a key to your success or the problem holding you back.  Derek and Justin teach you how to find, interview, and hire the right person your staff needs.

Your Case Presentation and a Disease That is Costing You MILLIONS!!

In this episode Justin and Steve drop one truth bomb after another regarding your case presentation. Implementing the tactics in this episode can, without exaggeration, make you millions over your career, but more importantly help more of your patients!!

Billing Tips

Billing mistakes cost you big! Derek and Steve teach you billing basics and how to help your front desk collect for everything you do.